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Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is hard to believe that January has come and gone and we are already deeply entrenched in February! Time does indeed, fly when you are having fun! Lots of amazing things continue to happen at the always energetic and fantastically engaging Fox Den and this will continue with spring just around the corner. On February 9th, all of our foxes will be treated to a delicious warm, pancake breakfast (please see below).

Many classes are taking part in field trips to explore local agriculture and habitats. Our music program is beginning to ready our young foxes for the Music Fest and Spring Concert. Classes will be hearing from a refugee  expert in order to better understand and prepare our school community to welcome our new friends as they become members of our school community and the larger community! We are beginning to plan swimming lessons for our grades JK-2/3, DL and 6 classes  (our Grades 3-5  will attend in the Fall session). Our entire school will be participating in a curriculum based Physical Education  and Music experience, The GROOVE, to help develop aerobic abilities, rhythm and balance.

These are exciting times and it is a wonderful thing to  be eager to learn and take part in new experiences– this is how we all grow! We continue to promote our “School Code of Conduct For All” that reinforces the Fox 4R’s. ALL members of our school community, young and old, must always act REASONABLY, RESPONSIBLY, RESPECTFULLY AND RESILIENTLY! This month we focus on the first “R– REASONABLE”. How do ALL foxes demonstrate reasonable behaviour?
We know and understand the difference between conflict and bullying and we use the appropriate term when discussing problems.
We talk in a manner that uses “Total Voice Control”.
We talk in at a normal volume level.  
No individual may use a raised, loud, aggressive voice when addressing others or solving a problem in our school.
There is no shouting or screaming in our fox den.
We talk slowly and clearly when we try to express our feelings so that others can hear what we are saying and really listen to what we have to say.  
We think about the tone we are using when talking to others.
Young and old, we do not use inappropriate language in the fox den.
When we want and need others to hear us and  truly understand our worries, concerns and problems we need to be reasonable.

We will continue to promote all of these attributes and help our students to gain independence to apply them daily! We thank all of you, for being our partners in this as we all model and apply how to be reasonable, responsible, respectful and resilient!- that’s the “Fox 4R’s”!


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