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Hanover Heights Community School
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Dear Parents/Guardians:

“April showers bring May flowers” and … lots of puddles and mud! ‘Tis the season for rubber boots, extra socks & pants, and maybe even rain gear! For parents it often means extra laun-dry but... for little Foxes it is the beginning of “end of winter” exploration and more outside time in the sunshine as they days get longer and the sun makes more appearances! Spring al-so means that Track & Field, our Musical Spring Fling, Spring Fling Raffle, school-wide Pizza Party and Fox Earth Week SCC Celebrations, are on the near horizon. We continue to plan the very best for our most precious resource.. your kids!
Spring also means that EQAO is nearing and our EQAO testing for Grade 3 and 6 will take place between May 25th-June 8th, and as such we kindly ask that parents/guardians help us by avoiding the scheduling of appointment on these days (when possible) and ensure that students arrive promptly to school in the mornings during this two week period. When taking into account provincially reported scores it is important for the community to remember that any child not writing, counts as a 0 which is factored into our overall score. Our goal for our students is to do their best and show growth, regardless of their score. We celebrate our diversity, inclusivity and each child’s unique strengths and gifts here at the Fox Den!

Our Foxes (big and small) continue to implement and exemplify the Fox 4R’s in our Code of Conduct For All and we thank our adult school community members for adhering to this and modeling it so wonderfully for our students. Cultures of respect, problem-solving and caring grow out of the examples for behavior that we set and adhere to for our children! This month we think about the 3rd R… RESPECT!
How do all HH Foxes demonstrate and show RESPECT?

We are empathetic, honest and fair to all of those in our school community, to ourselves, and to our environment . We follow the expectations and protocols of our school community in our body language, our tone of voice, our facial expressions and through our word choices . We accept the uniqueness of all of our members–everyone has a place in our Fox Den! We under-stand that acting respectfully our school community is an expectation for ALL–students, staff, parents/guardians and community/partner agencies.

We are the Foxes– and this is our CODE FOR ALL!

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