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Hanover Heights Community School
Home of the Foxes
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Principal’s Message-
        Transitions are hard and change is often difficult but like many things in life it can also be used as an opportunity to learn, grow and flourish. The true testament of character is the ability to adapt, maintain a positive attitude, work together to solve problems and build resiliency.
        Over the last year, Hanover Heights has had a bevy of changes– a  shift in school population, immersion programming and grade levels. It has become home to new students, new staff and new parents/guardians. Rules and protocols, programming and expectations have been tweaked and implemented as the school cycles through the transition phase into a solid, grounded institution, and now... here we are.
        Change is part of life; it is ever present, always occurring and inevitable; in the end it is also good. On our website you will see an introduction to this change– a new website that now boasts our school name and logo– one well chosen by our most important members– our students !  Our new Breakfast Program has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and we thank our dedicated volunteers who help it to run each and every morning. As a result of change our program now feeds every single student in our school community!  
        Community agencies now recognize us as a highly important part of the larger community and we welcome their interest and involvement in our school through safety instruction and presentations, volunteerism,  and sharing of community resources. In the upcoming weeks, you will see an increase in  our local media highlighting all of the many, many wonderful and engaging learning opportunities available to Hanover Heights students such as Carnaval, Me to We, Mr. Mecanno, the hosting of intra-school sporting events, Public Speaking, Science Fair,  Choir, Ukulele Club, Spirit days– all in addition to a wide range of in-class education that is meaningful, relevant and engaging.  
        Another change? An ever growing SCC that is deeply committed, enthusiastic and highly motivated to create fundraising  and school related opportunities that involve our entire school community (staff, students, parents, guardians and community partners)! Thank you for your time and energy!
        Change is good. Resiliency is an important life skill that all children need, and to see an example of this, look no further than your own school community– Hanover Heights is a testament and shining example of the ability of our youngest members to adapt, grow and thrive, and to inspire all of us, the adults in their lives, to do the same!
This is the “Home of the Foxes” - a place of strong, enduring character!

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